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I was really considering other diets and other ways to really be healthy and lose weight...So when I tried Kim's Kitchen, her broth was fantastic, it tastes great...I did a three-day cleanse... and then I lost five lbs right away. I feel so good, I feel energized, I feel really healthy.

Heart Evangelista

I started ordering from Kim because I was intrigued with her bone broth cleanse but then explored everything else on her menu. I'm a frequent customer because they use healthy ingredients and me feel guilt-free.

Cat Arambulo

I did contact Kim King and she's a specialist. She has a lot of accomplishments under her belt and that's when she introduced OMAD to me...then I lost 20lbs in one month

Vern Enciso

Thank you din Kim King's Kitchen @kimkingkitchen.cavite sa masasarap na smoothies and meals ko. Almost a month na rin ang journey ko with you. Effective talaga meals and smoothies nila, pramis! Masarap pa!

Neri Miranda

The Health Benefits of Organic Broth:

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Heart Evangelista-Escudero's Transformation

The Bestselling Bone Broth in the Philippines

Together with the #BrothQueen, Kim King, we present you the organic bone broths your body is longing for. We produce high-quality bone broths by using only natural and organic products that maintain your well-being.

Whether your goal is to get lean, gain muscle mass, manage food allergies, or trim down after pregnancy while maintaining milk production, Kim King's Kitchen is your partner in your health & wellness journey.


At Kim King's Kitchen, we help you become the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST version of yourself.

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